BEAM and Beyond

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BEAM & Beyond

A BEAM Alumni’s story

High School students take BEAM for multiple reasons: hands-on business experience, non-traditional education, university credit, worldwide collaboration with other students, giving back to the community, and more. No matter the reason for taking BEAM, the program provides students the opportunity to taste the real business world in preparation for years, even decades, to come. Let’s look at a BEAM alumi’s story and how BEAM has helped his future.

Tim Sun took BEAM during the 2016 - 2017 school year. Through the BEAM network, Tim was able to work as a corporate finance intern for TIBCO Software in both the treasury operations and financial planning & analysis departments. At TIBCO, Tim developed models to evaluate use of derivatives to hedge foreign currency rate exposure and interest rate exposure. He also was able to analyze expenses to create forecasts in the company's budget planning process. The skills that Tim learned and applied in BEAM gave him a variety of opportunities far beyond just the college application.

Once he became a student at UC Berkeley, he joined Berkeley Consulting (a student-run management consulting firm) using the skills he had acquired through BEAM. He went on to complete a project for Synagro Technologies, working to reduce the firm’s rising transportation costs. Tim’s work for Synagro Technologies contributed to the construction of a data pipeline that organized disparate data sources to enable more efficient routing of trucks. He even designed a model to evaluate the viability of acquiring an in-house trucking fleet by comparing haul-level historical costs with projected financial to recommend the optimal number of trucks. Currently, he is working on a project for Canadian Solar, the world’s third largest solar panel manufacturer.

But Tim didn’t stop there. He has been a business development intern for Neptune Financial since February 2018, leading key business development initiatives and streamlining internal outreach processes.

Tim didn’t wait until college to become a professional, and you don’t have to either.

Where will you let BEAM take you?

-Hanna Suh, CMO

James Chang-Davidson