Blazers, Blouses, and Bowties

I remember the first time I had to wear business attire in 7th grade; it was for my first Model UN conference. My too-tight pencil skirt bit into my stomach and my hands were hidden behind my oversized blazer sleeves.

At the conference, I noticed that when students had their business attire on, they always held their shoulders upright and used glistening vocabulary.

However, as soon as they changed into hoodies and jeans, it was as if the students jumped back into their middle school skins. These people couldn’t be more different than the people they were 10 minutes ago while they were wearing pencil skirts and trousers.

What is it about business attire that changes who we are at the moment?

Wearing business attire is like a contract- a contract saying that you want to remain professional. While hoodies and yoga pants send the message that you want to be comfortable, collared shirts and blazers make people subconsciously think that you want to be taken seriously.

Because first impressions are so important both in business and daily life in general, it’s important to keep in mind the way we show ourselves, whether it’s the way we talk, the way we treat other people, and even the way we dress.

- Hanna Suh, CMO

James Chang-Davidson