Global BEAM

Thanks to Neighbors Abroad, BEAM is now a global program with locations in Heidelberg (Germany), Palo Alto (USA), Mountain View (USA), Los Angeles (USA), Linkoping (Sweden), Oaxaca (Mexico), Enschede (Netherlands), and more.

In the past two months, international BEAM programs have been the spotlight of media.

Two Heidelberg BEAM alumni, Leach Schober and Laura Prista, were invited to present the BEAM Program and their business ideas at the 10th Annual Social Innovation Research Conference (ISIRC) in September 2018. Laura and Leah had their own BEAM stand, where the answered questions from conference attendees. The girls answered questions from many curious conference attendees who showed large interest in the BEAM Program.

Leach and Laura were also invited by SAP to present the BEAM Program in the SAP Inside Track Bern, the PostFinance in the city of Bern. The two alumni received a positive reception, as attendees displayed lots of interest in BEAM. Leach and Laura said, “We were honored to be scheduled as key speakers, so that there was no other presentation at the same time and as many people as possible could listen to us. After our talk, we were invited to attend the other presentations on various innovations and ideas for software programming. We also had the chance to talk to many people from SAP and widen our network. In the evening we went back home, with many new experiences and lots of gifts in our backpacks." Both Leach and Laurel were featured in the German press for their outstanding presentations at both conferences.

In Mexico, BEAM students had the business presentations at their school that they had prepared for weeks. City of Palo Alto Mayo Liz Kniss flew to Oaxaca to listen to the students’ presentation, listening to business plans centered around sustainability, artistry, and more.

Global partnership in BEAM is possible thanks to Neighbors Abroad, a nonprofit that represents the City of Palo Alto in its relations with its sister cities and organizes social and cultural events.

-Hanna Suh, CMO

James Chang-Davidson