Champion’s Grand Revival

One of the biggest brand “glow-ups” I have ever seen is Champion.

After its peak in the 90’s, Champion fell out of favor with teenagers. The sportswear company’s business model changed in the early 2000’s to provide comfort and cheap prices rather than fashion. Consequently, the brand was no longer seen as trendy but rather “fit for dads.” Outdated styles began to pile up in the aisles of grocery stores like Costco, and the brand remained largely forgotten by the new generation.

Determined to revive sales, Champion tossed its business model and started fresh.

Around 2016, Champion began to produce street-wear targeted specifically to teenagers and people in their 20’s . They pulled designs from grocery stores, instead selling their outerwear through stores like Urban Outfitters that are popular with young people. The company also multiplied the retail cost of their clothing line, branding themselves as a high-end sportswear company.

Within a span of a few years, the image of “Champion” had completely changed, and the sales were there to prove it. Their success was found through re-positioning their business model and focusing on a more specific demographic, making it easier to market.

-Hanna Suh, CMO

James Chang-Davidson