A Student's Future

With final grades and college decisions coming out soon, anxiety might be arising from students. What can we take from the business world to help keep us with a balanced perspective on college?

Some of you might find this question amusing. Research shows people of business majors rely more heavily on their school ranking than those of other majors. Perhaps elite schools tap into the networks that rule the business world and supply better internships, or business’ emphasis on personal branding creates a bias towards elite schools.

Majority of the people who become incredibly wealthy or CEOs aren’t from elite schools, though (source: PrepScholar). Think of Airbnb and Apple. The founders of these companies started out with little money and influence and a lot of passion and vision.

And while it’s beneficial to surround yourself with amazing people, this video by AsapSCIENCEpresents data showing the importance of choosing a school that preserves your confidence.

You don’t need top-tier education to see opportunities. You don’t need money to make money. After basic necessities are covered, all you need is drive.

That said, enjoy your holidays.

Chase Robbins