An Inspirational Company

Nike ads engage me on a level no other ads ever have. Nike. What do you think when you hear that?

This company wants to inspire you. You’ll find that in its mission statement, and you’ll find that in its branding. Nike wants to empower you to “just do it”. Recently, this company released a series of appealing “Nike Unlimited” commercials. Here are my favorites:

Unlimited Youth & Unlimited Will (You may also want to see a compilation of Nike’s top ten ads).

Despite Nike’s powerful branding, it wasn’t always seen favorably. You might have heard about how it used sweatshops in the past. Nike isn’t the only one to do so, but it’s popularity made it known for this.

Bad business ethics crushed this company. Yet it made an enormous turnaround. How?

The public wouldn’t accept excuses, so it stopped denying its responsibility over the foreign factories. It adopted higher standards and monitored more. Transparency increased as it regularly released detailed reports. Its shoes became environmentally friendly. And now, it is back as the inspiration we all desire in our lives.

Actually, Nike is back with its strongest message yet: if people these days want a company that serves the world, companies must adapt to that.

Chase Robbins