Casino Tricks

Casinos are lively places. I personally walk through them holding my breath and briskly walking to avoid inhaling smoke. Yet some manage to stay there for days on end. What are the psychological tricks of casinos?

Their most famous business tactic is to have you lose track of time. Have you ever seen a clock in a casino? There aren’t any. You can’t even find any windows to let you know if it’s night or day.

Won’t you get sleepy? Not with colorful lights and carpet to shock your brain to wakefulness. There is even extra oxygen being pumped in to refresh you. Dissatisfied with your losses? Upbeat tones will try to cheer you up, and having money represented as tickets will help you forget the value you are losing. Anyways, you "almost won." Want to leave? You might get lost in the complex floor plan.

Casinos can control your sense of time, wakefulness, mood, and ease in finding the exit. Maybe it’s for the best that I walk quickly through such a possessive place. It is amazing how thoughtful businesses can be, though.

Chase Robbins