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Heidelberg BEAM Article

Charline Stein, a BEAM student at Heidelberg, Germany, has written an outstanding article about the BEAM experience.


BEAM Project new at Heidelberg High School
BEAM (Business, Entrepreneurship and Math) is a pilot project digitalized future at Heidelberg
High School- English Institute starting in October 2017. It was founded by Cristina Florea in
2014 at Gunn High School in Palo Alto, California (USA), as an afterschool club which then
became a school subject and is now a global program for High school students in the United
States, Mexico, Netherlands, Sweden, China and now Germany.

Steffen Haschler is a teacher at the English Institute in Heidelberg who teaches Math, Physics
and Computer Science. He strived for taking a step forward and make a digital update to the
educational system at our school: following his opinion it is absolutely important to prepare
the currentstudents for the digital world of the future. The project allows studentsto connect
with local innovation communities and companies while gaining real life professional work
experience and learning entrepreneurship, finance and quantitative marketing. Being
involved in BEAM projects, students also get the chance to work together and share, discuss
and analyze innovative ideas with other BEAM Students from all over the world. It promotes
self-confidence, self-esteem and community engagement which is also a goal of BEAM.

This school year BEAM is for the first time an extracurricular program for the students at the
English Institute (Heidelberg), but starting next year BEAM will routinely be introduced as a
seminary course.

The students of Heidelberg have already had the chance to connect to the US students and
meet them online. An exchange program with a visit in Palo Alto is pending and will be an
extraordinary chance for students of Heidelberg to further develop contacts and dive deeper
into the project.

Students from Palo Alto and the English Institute were already able to present their projects
to each other. The local newspaper ,,Rhein-Neckar Zeitung (RNZ)”, visited the BEAM Course
at the English Institute and students have been interviewed about BEAM. Furthermore, the
students had the possibility to participate at a webinar, organized and presented by Oscar
Garcia who is the CEO and Founder of the Aspira, a silicon Valley based training company. On
other terms and conditions Oscar gives LinkedIn and Career Training to companies and schools
and he is experienced in entrepreneurship and economics. While assisting at the webinar, all
students learned useful skills for their own LinkedIn profile. There are more webinars planned
with Oscar throughout the rest of the school year allowing the students to get more
experienced in real work situations and especially for their BEAM projects.

It is a great opportunity for the English Institute in Heidelberg and the responsible teacher, to
set up and develop the BEAM project with the help of the students as the first High School in
Germany. It will be an enrichment for the school and especially for the students that BEAM
will be integrated in the school ́s curriculum and to participate in international school
networks with other BEAM members worldwide.

Chase Robbins