Interviewing for BEAM

I am a BEAM executive...and I didn’t become one easily. So I would like to share with you my journey, as well as the criteria I and the other executives now use to analyze other BEAM applicants.

My first ever interview was done with BEAM, and it went terribly. I was nervous, under-prepared, and quiet. I got denied.

Then I sent a follow-up email that happened to showcase my writing ability, so the BEAM leadership at the time created a position for me: blogger. Of course, I didn’t take that opportunity for granted. And besides writing, I tried a startup (emphasis on tried haha).

One school year after my original interview, I didn’t need an interview and directly got the position. That’s my story.

What you can learn from this one scenario is that, as the cliche goes, actions speak louder than words. When you demonstrate your commitment to BEAM, you don’t really need to tell people you care about it.

Now on to the second part. Whether you are applying to become a BEAM executive or for other BEAM opportunities, it is important to have a sense of what BEAM looks for.

As mentioned, the execs look at what someone does through their actions -- how much have they contributed to BEAM? We weigh the individual’s pros and cons, to see if this person can reflect well on BEAM. We see how much knowledge the person has accumulated about this program. We look at what their personal goals are, and how those goals align with that of BEAM.

With this criteria in mind, I am sure you have a chance attain any BEAM opportunity you want. I also encourage you to give back to BEAM as much as it has given to you, because it is no ordinary class.

Chase Robbins