LinkedIn for Students

LinkedIn can be used for more than building professional connections. In a BEAM guest presentation, LinkedIn’s Community Partnerships Manager Oscar Garcia illustrates a lesser-known way of utilizing LinkedIn.

Before mentioning this method, Garcia did emphasize the importance of LinkedIn’s main function: networking. Establishing familiarity and trust with employers can get you preferred over someone with much more experience than you. Garcia himself had gotten his job working for LinkedIn without an interview, against a competitor with many more years in the field, through good connections.

LinkedIn advertises that it serves the workforce. It can also, however, help students.

Garcia taught BEAM classes a clever way of utilizing LinkedIn through its college profiles. If prospective students search up a college’s profile on LinkedIn, they would be also be able to see the profiles of students who have attended that college. What did the students who got into that college do?

This function shouldn’t be used to become a copycat of a student who has attended your dream school. Use it, instead, to realize what opportunities they found. Are there opportunities you’ve overlooked?

The fastest demographic joining LinkedIn consists of high school and college students, according to Garcia. Perhaps this useful LinkedIn trick contributes to why.

(A side note to BEAMers: boost your profile by adding your BEAM course to it. You can use Cristina’s description.)

Chase Robbins