Marketing at the Elective Fair

Walking by the BEAM table at the school's elective fair, I felt quite proud to be a BEAMer. The BEAM table was much more crowded than the nearby tables. Eager students clustered around, waiting to learn more about this new elective. To be honest, I felt a little cool as the insider.

Yet as I gloried in observing the scene, I missed something right in front of my eyes. Until today, that is. BEAM's founder said everyone in the elective fair is given a similar template: a cheap, unclean Costco-like table, on top of which rests an informative poster or handout. What I did not notice is that BEAM gained the attention of many students by going beyond this template.

A purple tablecloth was spread out. It, along with some balloons beside it, caught people's eyes. Upon approaching the table, one could overhear BEAM students talking about their project. Their laptops rested on the table, and next to these were free pencils that were labeled with the BEAM logo.

On that day I looked at BEAM's table, I could have seen an additional reason to admire it: it offered the fanciest presentation around.

Chase Robbins