Power in the Good

As indicated on my Nike post, bad ethics can make one of the most well-marketed companies become infamous. Today I’d like for you to join me at the other side of the spectrum. Are there advantages in a company aiming for humanitarianism, besides being far away from a bad reputation and the simple fact that it carries the intent to make the world a better place?

Let us reflect on this another way. What happens to people who lack integrity in our society? Murderers get jailed. Students who cheat on tests don’t learn. More virtuous people, on the other hand, make loyal friends with their compassion, easily get favors in return for their selflessness, and impress institutions in how they improve communities and humankind.

Back to business. Imagine a company that promotes a better world, whether that be by striving for environmentalism or social justice. Would employees not feel like they are doing meaningful work? Would customers not feel good about themselves for promoting this company? By addressing pressing issues in the world, socially conscious companies have a strong brand.

But maybe you want evidence or, like me, an excuse to watch a TED talk. You can get evidence by in less than 3 minutes from the TED talk below. Watch from 6:18 to 8:58.


My audience largely consists of Bay Area students, so I end with this tip: no matter how overly-competitive your peers may get, do not assimilate. Do not be that money-driven company. Because you want to be loved and valued, and you want to work in a team. May your personal and professional work contribute to greater good.

Chase Robbins