Prepare to Present

BEAM was fortunate enough to have guest presenter KD Singh give advice about preparing an effective presentation. As I write this, I excitedly look over a full-page of valuable notes! Here they are:

The presentation should be simple, succinct, and visual. The simplicity of the presentation still needs to be accurate, but do not include the less meaningful complexities that would make the audience feel overwhelmed. Any details you mention should be written in very few words; think about taglines (which support your brand). Do not go overboard on the visuals, but have a few to make the presentation easier to digest.

Research deeply. Always use three sources to validate your understanding. BIll Gates reads three books in order to form his opinion.

Practice your presentation. Record it to check for smoothness and time. Make sure you don’t need to read off the slides. Even if your slides look nice, your speaking matters more -- think of TED.

Be a storyteller, like Steve Jobs. Everything your present should contribute to the story in some way. Not everything on your paper needs to be on the presentation if it isn’t part of the storytelling.

Search up the pitch decks of various organizations. Some impressive ones come from Airbnb and Zuora. Check out .

Remember to add enough individuality into your presentation so that you get very proud of it.

As for the content, while lots of detail can be expressed in 5-6 bullet points, there should be one takeaway from them. This takeaway helps focus the audience’s attention.

Confidence booster: making little mistakes as a beginner is better than making a mistake under a higher stakes situation.

Good luck with your presentation! I look forward to seeing it.

Thank you, KD Singh, for your advice.

Chase Robbins