Purpose of KJ Diagrams

BEAM’s classes did a great job engaging in KJ Diagrams! Why did they work on it?

When solving multifaceted problems, people often discover more than one reason contributing to the problem. Many complex world problems fall under this category.

I like to use my chemistry teacher’s analogy about factory explosions. Small, simple problems (like a gas leak) have detectors and backup plans set up to resolve them. If several small problems build up, however, they might interconnect to cause an explosion (alternative gas tank combined with a clerical error combined with an inexperienced worker, etc.).

It is often too much for a single business to tackle the whole web of complexity around an issue. While they must keep the bigger picture in mind, it is better that they focus on one highly solvable part of it. KJ diagrams have people brainstorm many perspectives on a problem to come up with the sub-problem(s) they want to tackle as a business.

Chase Robbins