Thanks to BEAM

Remember why BEAM is great; doing so helps you make full use of the opportunities it presents.

Without further ado, I give you five reasons to be thankful for BEAM:

  1. Your work is generally more recognized in this course than in other courses, giving it a sense of meaning. What you do can be analyzed by numerous mentors or bring change to a real company.

  2. This course is rare. It is made through a lot of coordination by a trailblazing teacher in an innovative city.

  3. It provides preparation and exposure to the real world around you. While this world could change as we grow up, seeing it now brings less anxiety about the future, because suddenly the future becomes a little less unknown.

  4. You can build your network here. Experienced adults willing to help are gathered here for your benefit.

  5. There is freedom here to use your own idea to follow your own vision.

Did this list make you decide on some goals? I think as we give thanks, we should also make resolves to better appreciate what we are given from then on. Have a great Thanksgiving.

Chase Robbins