What I learned from Elon Musk

To me, Elon Musk embodies the difference between action and words, as well as means and ends.

While I do admire the environmentalists who lobby, petition, and spread awareness, Musk is able to contribute to this cause with minimal vocal public service appeals. He mainly relied on his work to spur the change he wanted. Through Tesla, Musk pressured top car manufacturing companies into the electric car industry.

Musk’s famous amount of motivation may come from knowing the difference between his real goal and helpful add-ons. The American media teaches us to seek money and prestige, and it is true that Musk does not shy from flashy sports cars. But he generally is undeterred by public attention (or uses it to publicise his company) and skipped early retirement to work on new companies. Musk has the bigger, more meaningful goal of improving the future of humanity. Money and fame can be collected along the way to this goal, but they do not matter as much.

Speaking of means to ends, I do not mean to glorify this figure. I simply hope we are able to analyze the best parts of people.


Chase Robbins