Wisdom from Stanford Women in Business

BEAM hosted a well-attended event in the library today to hear from Stanford Women in Business representatives. Their insight is invaluable. Take a read of them:

In interviews, gain confidence by keeping in mind the intellectual and career development you’ve made over the years. Believe in yourself, and then use the interview to show your personality. No need to limit you anecdotes to business experiences, because business skills (problem solving, for example) can grow from a variety of experiences.

When pondering over potential careers, utilize extracurriculars to experience them. Also learn from the experiences of teachers and mentors. Tell them: “I’m interested in what you do, can you talk to me about that?” They may have some important lessons to share with you.

Do what makes you most excited, and do not just aim for what looks best on a resume. Not only would you then be able to convey passion in your interview, but you would also imply genuine interest for the position (since you only do what you’re excited about).

Show you care about the company you’re working for by asking for extra projects and regular feedback. Demonstrate initiative by suggesting your next course of action so that your boss will only need to confirm or revise your plan. Type notes in meetings, and send them out to become indispensable in meetings to come. Remember to speak up at least once in the meetings so that you are memorable

Thank you to all who attended the event. Find Stanford Women in Business’ website here.

Chase Robbins