After BEAM

Many BEAM alumni remain active in business after taking BEAM. For instance, Vidur Thukral (BEAM ‘16) and Malavika Krishnamachari (BEAM ‘18) are each individually pursuing exciting summer opportunities.

Malavika got into the Entrepreneurship and Innovation: Venture Creation program at Columbia University for this summer. This course is taught by a Columbia Business School professor. Malavika writes that BEAM directly impacted her decision to apply:

“Taking BEAM is what helped me realize that business is definitely something I want to pursue in the future, in college and even as a career. So I thought, why not get into it this summer? I decided to apply to this program specifically because it focuses on the innovative and creative side of business, which is what interests me the most. I really look forward to working with the Columbia professors to create and learn so many new things this summer!

“BEAM was my first real exposure to business and entrepreneurship, and I instantly loved the subject. The class taught us how business is creative yet structured and explained it’s correlation to the real world. It’s a perfect combination of my skills and interests and helped me decide that business is definitely something I want to study in the future.”

Vidur has followed up on his previous experience working at TIBCO Software Inc. two years ago (when TIBCO became one of the very first partners of BEAM). After having lunch with his former boss and making a phone call, Vidur got a position in Corporate Development this summer.

He reflects upon his initial internship with TIBCO, writing that it “allowed me to work in a professional environment and opened my eyes to finance. Eventually my performance here as a Finance intern is what led to my recommendation of my internship in Corporate Development.”

In his new position, Vidur hopes to connect his work to his ambition of becoming an investment banker:

“From what I discussed with my future bosses, I see the internship hopefully involving a decent amount of finding potential candidates for acquisition then following through and actually acquiring them. This will give me the transaction based skill set and also allow me to learn from both the corporate development team as well as the investment bankers advising us, how m&a works. Also it’d be great to do a little bit of work regarding companies that have already been acquired so that I can see what truly drives profits and growth.”

By following through on their BEAM connections and reflecting on their BEAM experience, students of BEAM are able to have head starts into the world of business.

Joanna Huang