Seven Second Magic

According to Business Insider, it takes seven seconds for someone to formulate a first impression of you. It is during these crucial seven seconds that someone forms an idea of who you are.

As a Model UN contestant and someone who just barely hits five feet in the vertical, I have had to find better ways to make my first impression since I lack a large physical presence that some others have. Over time, I learned that it’s the small subtleties that make a difference. A strong handshake is much more effective when you lean in and make eye contact. Making hand gestures towards the person you’re talking to makes your introduction appear much more professional. I noticed that when I make an effort to do these things when I meet someone during a MUN session, they were much likely to come back later to negotiate with me.

My point is that not that there is one set of rules to follow to make a better first impression, but it is important to constantly self-evaluate your actions when meeting someone new. What characteristics do you want to make sure people remember about you? Leaving a “good” impression is not enough; it’s much better to think about what you can do to deliver a message.

So stop being just “nice” and go charm people.

- Hanna Suh, CMO

James Chang-Davidson