Germany Exchange

In mid-March, Palo Alto BEAM students were thrilled to have Heidelberg BEAM students stay in the Bay Area for a week of collaboration. Although Heidelberg and Palo Alto BEAM students had worked together on projects in the past online, meeting the Heidelberg students in person made students realize how valuable it is to have classmates from a completely different culture.

Throughout the week, BEAM students were generously welcomed at the BEAM partner companies, such as Google, Facebook, TIBCO Inc, and AppLovin with personal tours, workshops, lunch, and swag to make the visits memorable for both Heidelberg and Palo Alto students.

All BEAM students from both locations presented their internships and start-up work together to companies during the 5th Annual BEAM Summit on March 14. The event was hosted and sponsored by SAP and was a huge success with over 250 people in attendance. The event was not only a celebration of hard work done by students this past year but also a great networking opportunity for both students and guests alike.

Working together with the Heidelberg students was a reminder of how many great opportunities BEAM students have at their fingertips. After all, how many high school students have the opportunity to develop businesses with students from across the globe? Let us know what you think in the comments below!

- Hanna Suh, CMO