Our Curriculum

During the program, high school students build their own startups while learning design thinking, entrepreneurship, business strategy, quantitative marketing, data analysis, and finance from customized curricula created in partnership with industry leading private sector firms. The students design and develop self-driven, cross-curricular solutions to solve problems while being mentored by industry professionals from the community. Scroll down to explore the modules.


Module 1: Entrepreneurship

Students learn how to plan a small startup from the ground up, identifying a problem to solve, determining specific pain points, and developing a product or service to satisfy the need. Students build a thorough business plan for their startup and pitch it to industry experts.

Module 3: Finance

Students learn how to create financial analytics for their startups, complete with an income statement, balance sheet, and profit-loss statement. Students identify revenue sources, expenses, assets, liabilities, and equity, and understand the interaction between the components.

Module 2: Marketing & Data analysis

Students learn concepts in statistical analysis and quantitative marketing to develop a comprehensive advertising plan. Students build target market models, use survey data to show viability for their product within their market, and plan how they will advertise their product.

Module 4: internships

Upon successful completing of the first three modules, students have the opportunity to launch their startup or apply for an internship at one of our partner companies. In all cases, students apply their knowledge learned in school to deliver real-world projects.