Our Mission

We strive to provide high school students with an unparalleled business and math education experience, allowing students to start their own businesses and dive into projects with real-world impact.


Our Goals

BEAM strives to go above and beyond any traditional educational experience to not only teach business concepts in a revolutionarily immersive model, but also build teens into well-rounded individuals and foster collaborative communities.


Academic Purpose

Provide students the opportunity to see the connection between different academic areas and experience their applications through real-life, hands-on business settings.

Healthy teens

Support teen well-being, self-advocacy, self-confidence, self-esteem, and community engagement.


Provide an opportunity for the youth to learn from and connect with the innovation of Silicon Valley, as well as international communities.



Enable students to build their networks and receive business mentorship opportunities.

private sector

Engage the private sector to participate and create a true partnership model between schools and companies.

vocational learning

Bring back modernized vocational learning through paid internships at the high school level.